Library News – January 2024

Berkshire Free Library

Tuesday – Friday, Noon to 5 PM, 

Saturday, 9AM – 2PM

It’s January again.  This is a time we look back on 2023 and remember all the programs, book that have been borrowed, and all the new friends we have made this year.  In January, we are also looking forward to 2024.  

  • Save the date, July 20, for our Blueberry and Book Festival.  We are looking forward to another fun festival in 2024.   
  • January also gives us a chance to compare our success in book circulation for the last year.  People borrowed 10 thousand and 1 hundred books this year.  In dollars and cents, that is equal to about $350,000 in free resources that we have provided for our community.  10% of the circulation was ebooks and audiobooks. 
  • Some of the top books read in Berkshire this year were: 
    • Horse by Geraldine Brooks, 
    • Angel of Darkness, by Caleb Carr, 
    • Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus  

 Come take out one of these popular books and see what everyone is talking about.

  • This year, we have made it easier for you to donate to the Library by using your credit card.  Go to our website, berkshirefreelibrary.org and school down to the bottom of the first page.  You will see the picture of the library and the donate button.  

Programs Available At The Library

  • Tech Questions are answered for you by our qualified teacher.  Bring your device, phone or computer, or use our computers.   
  • Story Time is for young children, every week on Wednesday at 10:30 AM.  All are welcome.  Crafts, games, reading, singing and dancing are packed in an hour and half program every week.
  • Craft time is on Thursday at 10:30 AM.  Bring what you are working on or look through our knitting and crochet patterns to pick a new project.  Refreshments are served.  
  • Ancestry at the Library is everyday.  Come discover your family roots.   Bring your computer, or use ours.  Thanks to the Town of Richford and Berkshire for funding this program.  

If you have questions, 607 657-4418 or berkshirefreelibrary.org