Summer Reading Club

2021 Summer Reading Club at the Berkshire Free Library 

Reading clubs are a place where you can freely engage with books and stories with others your age.  The club should help you have fun with reading and create a new reading community. 

Please return your book each week for a new book for the next week.  If you don’t have a FLLS library card, it is free to register for one.

Ideas to help with the reading;

  • Just jot down a few notes to help you remember each chapter.
  • Write some questions to think about.
  • How was the characters in the book like you?  What did you like about the characters?  Did you like the ending of the book?

Would you like to meet at the Library to discuss the book with other kids, as you are reading the book or meet next week at the program?  Let us know when you pick up your book.

Reading Club is funded by a grant from the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.