Remember Summer @ the Library !

My family’s first encounter with the library’s summer program was in the 1980’s.   The ladies of the Berkshire Reading Club would show movies in the library basement and Mary Carey, Children’s Services Librarian from the Finger Lakes Library System, would come and lead us on a rousing “lion hunt”.  (We also learned not to leave the movie projector in the damp basement for the week!)

Over the years our many volunteers led area kids on fun adventures with the program moving outside to the firemen’s pavilion, the Berkshire Community Hall, the Hubbard Center & Richford Town Hall, and even the Berkshire Fire Station.   Many volunteers have helped us besides the Reading Club members including Shirley Simmons, Lisa Michaud, Karen McNally, Natalia Conaty, Jeannie Hochberg, Nancy Reddy, Pat Strasser, Autumn Lavine, Bob Whirl, Becky Randall,  Heather Armstrong, to name just a few, as well as, many parents and grandparents.  In recent years, the Methodist Church ladies sent lunches and cookies and sponsored last year’s puppet show.  Presenters have included magicians, puppeteers, songsters, musicians, artists & crafts people, first responders, yoga teachers, birds and zoo animals, and of course, the Physics Bus.

In honor of the library’s upcoming 100 year celebration, send us your memories as a child or as a volunteer.  What was the most fun?  Were you one of the many wonderful volunteers?