Ithaca College Students Donate Books

A group of five Ithaca College students and their advisor recently made a visit to the Berkshire Free Library to assess the library’s collection of books for juniors and young adults. After returning to the college, Angelina Randazzo, Andy Yzaguirre, Jalen Lisbon, Eden Dodge, and Christopher Tenore held a fundraising bake sale with the proceeds used to purchase twelve graphic novels for the library. The group and their advisor, Katharine Kittrege, made a return visit to the library to present the books to library director, Fran Miller.

Today’s popular graphic novels tell stories presented in the style of comics. The books donated range from Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson and New Kid by Jerry Craft to Stephen Mc Cranie’s Space Boy and a selection from Marvel Heroes.

The group, called the Graphic Novel Advisory Board, is dedicated to the discovery and promotion of graphic novels. The mission is to work with libraries to help expand and enhance library collections to make graphic novels more available for readers of all ages and to encourage literacy. An annotated list of other recommended graphic novels also was prepared for the future purchases in this genre.

Our thanks to the group’s interest in encouraging the use of the library by our area youth!