Blueberry & Book Festival Raffle Preview 2021

Berkshire Blueberry & Book Festival

July 24, 2021  

Raffle Baskets

Price of tickets:  1 for $1.00; 6 for $5.00; 15 for $10.00

  1. The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and Game of Thrones.  George R. R. Martin, Elio García Jr. & Linda Antonsson.


  1. A Little Girl’s Treasure Box:

Pomsies; 6 piece Lunch Tote; Play-Doh Animals; Etch-a-Sketch; Owl Photo Album; Pony Bead Kit; Pompom Kit; Black & White Pencil Case.


  1. Red White & Blue Basket:

3’ x 5’ American Flag; Revolutionary Summer by Joseph J. Ellis; John and Abigail Adams: An American Love Story by Judith St. George; Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Pictures of Presidents;  Blue Bandana with white stars; Set of “USA” playing cards.


  1. Bird Lover’s Basket:

100 Birds and How They Got Their Names , Hummingbird Feeder;                    Set of 4 Mugs with Holder; Birdhouse Candle Holder; Bird design Bag Holder; Owl & the Moon Plaque; Handcrafted Wooden Birdhouse.


  1. Anyone for Lemonade?

1 pkg Lemon Iced Tea; 1 Pkg Lemonade on-the-go; 2 each Lemon Plates & Sherbet Cups; 6 yellow Lemonade Spoons; Lemon Nut & Candy Dish; Lemon Hot Plate; 2 Yellow & White Striped Table Mats; Pkg green & white Napkins; 2 Lemonade Towels.


  1. A Downton Abbey Tea Party

Downton Abbey: A Celebration by Jessica Fellowes; 1 Rose Tea Pot; 1 Pastry Plate; 1 Small Jam Holder & Spoon; Set of 3 Tea Cups and Saucers; 1 Tea Bag Holder; 1 box of Blueberry Tea;  1 pkg Pepperidge Farm Blueberry Cookies; 1 Tablecloth; 1 Floral Apron.

  1. Cooking up a Storm

1 Indoor Electric Grill; 2 Pampered Chef Cookbooks; Set of 3 Corningware Casserole Dishes; 1 Small Teflon Frying Pan; 2 Hot-pot  Pads; 1 White Bib Apron; 1 Ladle; 1 Set  6 Non-slip Gripper Pads; 2 Dish Scrubbers; 1 Serrated Bread Knife.


  1. Child’s Sewing Basket of Fun

Child’s Electric Sewing Machine with Controls; Flag Pin Cushion; Sewing Kit with extra Tread; 4 Choices of Cotton Fabric.


  1. Crazy for Cookies

1 Red Cookie Can & 1 Ceramic Cookie Jar; The Cookie Jar Cookbook; 1 Teddy Bear Cookie Mold (Pampered chef); Set of Pumpkin Cookie Cutters; Engelhart Cherry Smock; 1 Red Glove Pot Holder; 2 Rooster Pot Holders; Set Red Measuring Spoons; Set White Measuring Cups; Set All-purpose Power Clips.


  1. Gift Certificate: Car Wash & Wax

Gene Payne’s Body Shop, Berkshire


  1. Let’s Have a Picnic

Picnic Set of Tray, Salad Bowl, & 4 bowls; Condiment Holder with Ketchup & Mustard; 4 Picnic Plates; 4 Glass Mugs, Pokka-Dot Picnic Bin.


  1. A Superheroes Party

14 Spiderman Placemats; 3 Marvel Coloring Books; Superhero Back Pack; Large Justice League Container; 1 Batman Cup;  Red, White, & Blue Super Eyeglasses Ice Pops.


  1. Gift Certificate: Skate Estate

5 Free Admission Coupons:  1 Skate Admission, ½ Hour Water Slide, 1 Round of Min. Golf, or 1 Game of Laser Tag.


  1. Princess Activity Box

3 DVD’s:  Princess & Frog, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Little Mermaid; 2 Disney Plates and Cereal Bowl; Hello Kitty Coloring Book; Finger Puppets;  Dr. Seuss Coloring Kit.


  1. Country Home

Sofa Pillow; Battery “Antique-style” Clock; Small Pressed Flower Wall-hanging; “What Happens at Grandma’s Stays at Grandma’s” plaque; Mini chest w/ 2 Drawers & Mini Chair; Little Sheep figurine; Norman Rockwell Book.


  1. Tea for One

Pink Flora Tea Pot in Round Box; Cup & Saucer; Tea Bag Holder; Set of 4 Candles; Tea Pot Decorated Napkin; Blueberry Tea with Acai; Blueberry Pastry Crisps.


  1. Young Lady’s Basket

3 DVD’s:  Pocahontas (One & Two), Tangled, Alice in Wonderland; American Girl Collection of 6 Books; Make Your Own Jewelry Bead Kit; Square Basket with 2 Rainbow Mugs; Little Doll.


  1. Sunflower Basket

3 Sunflower Glasses; Flowered Bowl; Small Yellow Vase; Yellow Pitcher; Sunflower Towel; Pkg Cookies; Lemonade.


  1. Handiman or Woman’s Basket

Precision Screwdriver; 6” Long Nose Pliers; 16’ Power Tape; Electrical Voltage Tester; Terminal Stripper Set; Digital Multimeter; Foam Brushes; Glass Cleaner Wipes; Microfiber Cloth; Safety Goggles; 2 Pair Gloves; Coffee Mug.


  1. Embroidery Basket

2 Tablerunners; 1 Hoop; Pocket Guide; Bag Assorted Embroidery Floss; Floss Divider; Scissors; Needles; Tea Cup & Saucer; Tea.


  1. Bucket of Fun

DVD’s:  Ice Age: The Meltdown, Wall E, A Bug’s Life; Pkg Play Dinos; 1 Stuffed Dino; Gone Fishing Game; Secret Decoder Deluxe Activity Set; 9 Matchbox Cars; Bozo Bop Bag Key Chain.


  1. Gift Certificate: P3 Vestal I  DEFY Vestal Trampoline Park

Four 1 Hour Passes


  1. Happy Holiday in July

1 Cookie Cookbook; Square Red Cookie Plate; 2 Oval Holiday Cookie Plates; Small & Medium Holiday Patterned Plates; Holly Bowl, Cup & Saucer, & Sugar Bowl w/ Cardinal Lid.


  1. Baby Girl Baby Shower Basket

Crocheted Baby Blanket; Small Tote Bag; Notebook; Tri-fold Picture Frame; Baby Powder; Q-Tips; 2 Pacifiers; 10 Party Favors; Pkg Blueberry Cookies.


  1. Man (or Woman’s) Best Friend

Decoding Your Dog by American College of Veterinary Behavior; And There Hangs a Tail by David Teams; Doggie Notebook; A House Is Not a Home without a Bulldog Plaque; 2 Mugs; Dog Biscuits.


  1. Ice Cream Shop Play Tent

Play Tent with Poles & Instructions; 2 Ice Cream Cups (1 pink, 1 blue)


  1. Game night:

Chess Game; Parcheesi Game; 8 Capuccino Cups; Capuccino Mocha Chocolate; pkg Fruit Newtons Cookies.


  1. Gift Certificate: Fortunato’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, Newark Valley   

1 Free Sheet Pizza.


  1. Harry Potter Basket

Hogwarts Banner; Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince, and Deathly Hollows


  1. $20 Gift Certificate: Our Country Hearts, Maine


  1. Angel Garden:

Flower Arrangement by Darlene’s Flowers, Berkshire


  1. $25 Gift Card: Dunkin Donuts


  1. Tioga County History Books

Historical Gazetteer of Tioga County, New York, 1785-1888, Compiled and Edited by W. B. Gay; Seasons of Change:  An Updated History of Tioga County New York by Tioga County Authors, 1990.

  1. Chuck E. Cheese Basket

Guest Pass:  1 Large Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks, 30 Game Tokens; Coloring Book; 

Big Rig; Sidewalk Chalk Set. 


  1. Maple Basket from SweeTrees Maple Products


  1. Garden Tractor

Handpainted garden tractor;  Creations by Teresa