Travel and Conference Policy

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Travel and Conference Policy

For expenses incurred by authorized individuals while traveling or attending conferences or other activities related to the library the maximum mileage reimbursement rate will be the current IRS’ standard deductible mileage rate which is presently 58 cents per mile for business miles driven for 2019.

This rate includes reimbursement for all direct and indirect costs of operation of a personal vehicle used in conducting local business for the Berkshire Free Library.

No further reimbursement for expenses such as gasoline, oil, insurance or registration fees will be made. Toll or road use charges are NOT included in the mileage reimbursement rate and are reimbursable separately with a valid receipt or other proof of payment.

For extended travel or high mileage trips, a combination of actual expenses plus a reduced mileage rate may be appropriate at the discretion of the board, but in no event should exceed the standard IRS rate and will require prior approval by the Board of Trustees.

All meals, airfare and lodging will require adequate supporting documentation including a receipt from the hotel or lodging showing dates of the stay, room rate charged and all other taxes and incidentals charged to the room. Copies of bank statements and/ or credit cards may be acceptable if sufficiently itemized. Airfare should include sufficient confirmation of the itinerary flown and proof of payment of all additional charges incurred such as baggage fees.

All supporting documentation should be submitted to the Treasurer or bookkeeper as soon as possible after the trip along with a statement indicating the reason for travel and what grant or source of funds to charge for the expense if applicable.

passed June 10, 2019