Credit Card Policy

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The Berkshire Free Library has a debit card through the Visions Federal Credit Union and this account is kept separate from the regular operating checking account. Transfers in and out of the Visions account are to be in compliance with the Library’s financial internal control procedures for such transactions. This account is reconciled monthly and the reconciliation and monthly statement is reviewed by the Board President at regularly scheduled board meetings.

The Visions debit card may only be used by the Director, or other staff person or Trustee as requested by the Director, for purchases not to exceed $1000. No personal expenses are permitted with the library’s card for any reason. In the event of inadvertent use for personal expenses, repayment is to be prompt and in full, and may be cause for dismissal at the discretion of the Board, especially for repeat instances of unauthorized use.

The following types of expenses are permitted with the Library’s debit card:

⦁ books or other collection materials
⦁ library supplies (including supplies for workshops or events sponsored or hosted by the Library)
⦁ office supplies
⦁ non-capital library , office or computer equipment
⦁ cleaning or maintenance supplies
⦁ postage or other shipping fees

Use of the card for travel or conference fees or dues requires prior authorization from the Board of Trustees.

ALL purchases require a written itemized receipt that clearly shows exactly what was purchased, and any sales tax, shipping or handling fees must be clearly identified. Receipts that just show a final total amount paid will NOT be considered adequate documentation of a debit card purchase. All reasonable efforts should be made to obtain a fully itemized purchase receipt if one is not provided initially by a vendor. For online purchases, a sufficiently itemized invoice, printed from the vendors’ site with their logo or other identifying information will be accepted as a receipt. Any packing lists or shipping documents that help document the purchase should be attached to the receipt

Use of the debit card will be monitored as needed but no less than monthly, and be included in the monthly reconciliation and bank statements presented to the Board of Trustees and reviewed by the Board President along with the other operating accounts as applicable.


Policy Approved December 9, 2019
President John Stoughton